7-Day Surf Camp

Our week long surf trip to Nicaragua takes place in the beautiful, sun soaked village of San Juan Del Sur.

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12 & 18 Day Surf Trip

Welcome to a once in a lifetime adventure in Indonesia, an archipelago of over 17,000 islands set in the Indian Ocean.

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Why Barefoot

Live The Surf

Get immersed into surfing with a passionate and professional surf guide team. We don’t stop at teaching basic surf techniques. We share all our surf knowledge so you can learn to teach yourself how to surf in the future.

Learn The Right Way

The quality of our practical surf classes, photo analysis and surf theory courses will improve your surfing drastically. After a surf trip with us, our people leave motivated and addicted to surfing.

Unforgettable Group Experience

We have more fun because we live a whole group experience. Start and end an unforgettable trip with people that might become friends for life.

Best Surf Locations

Surfing has seasons. Some months have better wind, swell and wave conditions than others. Surfing with Barefoot Surf Travel means you will surf the best spots for beginners & intermediates, at the right time of the year.

Authentic Travel Experience

Our idea is to simplify the surf journey without cutting on the adventure and the cultural experience that comes with it. Our trips are offered in collaboration with warm and welcoming local surf guides, making your trip authentic and culturally rich.

Smart & Safe Investment

Barefoot Surf Travel is a registered travel agency (# 703135). The Law on Consumer protection protects your investment in this trip.


  • “The best part of my week with Barefoot Surf Travel was how much I improved on my surfing. I’d done a bunch of single surf lessons before all over the world and this was the first time I actually felt like the surf guides were instructing, critiquing and pushing me to get better at surfing.”


    Kat Gaskin / Nicaragua
  • ” The coaches are nationally acclaimed surfers and give great tips to better your surf technique. All in all a great experience.”


    Bao007 / Nicaragua
  • ” I have made many friends from around the world, I laughed and had fun all week with the whole team… This trip touched my heart…”


    Jessica B / Nicaragua
  • ” Surf instructors re amazing, they really have the best knowledge to teach you the right way to surf or the way you can improve your surf skills.”


    Claudie B / Nicaragua
  • ” It’s a very professional and passionate team of surfers who wants to pass on their love for the sport and the lifestyle around it “


    Samuel LM / Nicaragua
  • “Great waves almost every day for a whole week(!!!)… Everyone in our group was pleased with their stay, and we all learned a lot, beginners as well as more experienced surfers.”


    Marianne F / Nicaragua

We bring people on the Surf Trips that changed our lives.

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